Gaggenau Live – Reimagining the showroom experience in digital

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Alara Bozbay, Ali Evren Dinç, Can Sağır, Etkin Çiftçi, Fatih Gökmen, Gökçe Çakmak Şahin, Halil Sadettin Çağlar, Melih Gengönül, Mert Emre Gürer, Vedya Menase, Yavuz İrfanoğlu, Zeynep Oran Çakıroğlu


Gaggenau Live allows customers to connect to the showroom from the comfort of their homes, via their mobile, tablet or desktop browsers. Customers who scheduled an online 1-1 tour can watch the sales consultant’s live stream and digitally interact with Gaggenau products. The solution provides an enriched, interactive and personalized experience by letting customers review details of their product of interest, configure the products based on their personal preferences, create a list of favourite products, view inspirational product/kitchen images, show their kitchens to sales consultants for guidance and invite family members, friends, architects etc. to join the live session.
Gaggenau Live is also designed to digitally empower sales consultants by broadening their product demonstration abilities during a showroom tour and personalizing the experience through a consolidated customers’ interaction dashboard. The solution allows consultants to manage their appointments, review customers’ information and interested products prior to the live session. During the session, the consultant has high control over the experience by simultaneously tracking customer actions through an interaction analyser and tailor the tour instantly based on customer interest. High integration with the product catalog enriches product demonstration experience and allows consultants to push interested products to the customer’s screen or configure the products on behalf of them and create an offer list.
What makes the solution special is that it is designed to make customers feel like they are in control of the experience by letting them actually interact with the space and products rather than just staying as viewers.

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