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Grin is a comprehensive digital/physical orthodontic platform that provides remote monitoring solutions to bring patients the convenience and responsible care they’ve come to expect while keeping licensed, local orthodontists at the center of their treatment.
With the Grin platform, orthodontists can overcome the current challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by strengthening existing patient relationships and reducing chair time by virtually reaching into their patients’ mouths as if they were present for an in-person appointment.
Simultaneously, patients achieve a healthy smile with increased flexibility, lower cost, and trusted doctor oversight through a combination of detailed scanning, friendly reminders, and transparent care team communication, all from the comfort of the patient’s home at any time thanks to the Grin App and Remote Monitoring Scope.
Grin keeps orthodontists and patients connected, remotely capturing developments in the mouth that may have otherwise gone unnoticed to adjust treatment plans or schedule proactive and preventative in-person visits.

Project Description

Before Grin, orthodontics in the United States bifurcated into traditional orthodontics and direct-to-consumer medicine, known as “DIY.” The recent rise in “DIY,” advertising low-cost options and operating without proper oversight and clinical touchpoints, had effectively lured patients away from traditional orthodontics, generally perceived as both costly and time-consuming. The popularity of this dangerous, one-size-fits-all approach has generated a novel patient population for traditional orthodontic practices centered around reversing mismanaged DIY cases.

Responsible + Accessible

A combination of stakeholder workshops, national surveys, and interviews conducted at the pilot location in NYC with practicing orthodontists and potential patients with and without treatment history uncovered an unprecedented opportunity for professional, quality care that is both convenient and affordable. At the same time, COVID-19 has spurred critical demand for new procedures that help people reduce the type of close contact that typically occurs when they visit an orthodontist’s office.

Grin is the best of DIY and traditional despite the pandemic, virtualizing traditional orthodontics to keep patients safely out of the office while under unparalleled supervision, unlocking entirely new efficiency levels to improve treatment accessibility, doctor patient communication, and offer superior, responsible care at a fraction of the price. When a patient chooses Grin, they match with a licensed, local orthodontist, who personally designs their plan, making decisions with patient care and treatment outcome as their top priority.

We visualized the entirety of the Grin journey from initial awareness to completion of treatment and continued support to outline all operational activities. By capturing the physical and digital opportunities and in-person and remote touchpoints for all parties involved, including patients, practices, and manufacturers, our service blueprint guided the development of the patient and provider apps, remote monitoring scope, and brand.

The brand’s sophisticated nature stands out in a sea of overt orthodontic startups to reflect and elevate the doctor’s role at the heart of Grin patient care. We know everyone’s orthodontic treatment path is different, but all strive towards the same goal of a straight, confident, and healthy smile. We built upward curves of different trajectories into a custom serif wordmark to visualize the many different types of orthodontic pathways Grin’s hybrid approach can treat.


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