Hearing kids’ voice – Story Tree

Art Center College of DesignUnited States of America

Empowering, Engaging, Expressing

Concept / Student


Krystina Castella, Yue Wu

Project Description

Story Tree is a project that encourages children to express themselves and create their own stories.

Due to interviews with writing teachers, kindergareners and parents, I found that many children are facing the problem of lacking ideas in writting. This has nothing to do with the writing skills teachers can teach, but the result of lack of expression exercise and imagination.

In this project, our mission statement is to establish an appealing storytelling experience for children and guide them create their own stories. Through telling stories, exercise children’s imagination and expression ability, guide them to develop the habit of thinking and creating, and establish a closer family relationship through parent-child interaction.

It is workable for little kids (4-6) and older group to improve their physical, congnitive and emotional abilities.

The concept is to create an open-end storytelling experience for children with freely dressable characters and puzzle maps. By introducing smart devices, it provides children with more attractive interactives and recording functions.

The reason that this project introuduces the digital part is that we are living in a world that digital is the future. We do worry that spending too much time on electronic products will affect children’s physical and mental health. However, instead of prohibiting children from contacting the digital world, we should pay more attention to how to use the advantages of the digital world to create a better environment for them to grow up. What is more, the recording part of the digital devices would be a nice chance for them to save childhood memories and visualize the growth.

Overall, the Stroy Tree project can bring happiness and postive influence for children to be more confident to express their own vioce and practice their imagination that will give back throughout their whole lives.


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