Hex Game

Mountain Lakes High SchoolUnited States of America

Empowering, Engaging

Production / Student


Joey Mucci, Quinn Bello


Hex Game is a tactile marble game designed for visually-impaired children and children with mobility issues. It consists of 3D-printed pieces of about 10 different varieties which users can arrange in whichever way they would like to. The pieces are designed with paths that connect to one another to form tracks that a marble can travel through. There are 3 types of paths on a piece: straight, a moderate curve, and a sharp curve. The pieces are hexagon-shaped, which allows for the possibility of complex tracks that branch out into different directions. There are also elevated ramp pieces that are used in multi-level tracks. Another crucial component of the game are the start and end pieces, which are easily identifiable because of their unique texture. The start piece is a tall ramp that gives the marble an initial speed to travel through the track, and the end piece is a shallow hole that catches the marble at the end. There are limitless possibilities in Hex Game that allow students to fully express themselves in an intellectually challenging manner.


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