Inc. 5000 Marketplace

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Aziz Zizoune, Beth Accardi, Breana Murphy, Chris Andersen, Chris White, Jacques Foottit, Julianna Cerchio, Kate Stevenson, Sherry Riad


The Inc. 5000 Marketplace is a virtual world created for the Inc. 5000 Vision Conference where attendees could meet other attendees, share ideas and make lasting connections. The Marketplace is the first-of-its-kind, virtual experience specially themed for the conference.
We integrated Inc. 5000’s history of honoring the fastest-growing private companies in America by designing the world around a fictitious Main Street, the heart of the Marketplace. Here, honorees from all over the country converged to walk the red carpet, play a round of golf, socialize at the virtual bar, take pictures at the art gallery and challenge one another with social games at the recreation center.
The Marketplace combines the beauty of the real world, walking down the street with a friend chatting, with the power of a virtual world — where people from all over can immediately be present and explore. We achieve this through playful design, integrating game technologies and enabling all attendees to participate.
Honorees poured glasses of bubbly at home and then joined in the fun with their live-streaming avatars. They bumped into friends on Main Street, popped into the local art gallery to add their photos to a mosaic, and wandered into the local bar to play trivia quizzes together. Finally, honorees stopped by the Inc. 5000 theater to celebrate each other’s accomplishments with a group photo. The challenge was to successfully create a virtual version of attending an event, where chance meetings and side conversations make the night that much more fun and interesting.

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