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Jose Chavarría


The senses, in any animal, serve the purpose of giving the individual an idea of what the world is, and that is known by the individual as “reality”. But as the neuroscientist David Eagleman says “Every creature believes that their “umwelt” is the only objective reality”. And that means, that anything that is perceivable by an individual, it’s part of reality, and everything that isn’t, is not part of it.
In the case of Humans, our common senses are: sight, earring, taste, touch and olfaction. But due to scientific research, we’ve learn that other animals have other senses, such as echolocation, infrared sensing, ultraviolet sensing,geomagnetoception, electric field sensing, extended sight, and many more, that for the animals with those senses, form a very important part of their perception of the world, and therefore, their reality.
Interface is an exploration on how to change the human perception of reality, by swapping a human sense with a non-human sense, inspired by three different animals, ending in the creation of a set of masks that allow the user to embody the way these other creatures perceive the world.
The project also proposes the extension of the “mixed reality” concept, by creating an experience in which no digital layers are added to the conventional reality, but physical layers, of humanly invisible phenomena.

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