Leafy – A one-day sensorial funeral experience for young Chinese

Guangzhou Academy of Fine ArtsChina


Concept / Student


Xingyi Zhou


The traditional Chinese funeral lasts for 7 days, 49 days for family members, which is too overwhelming for younger generations. Moreover, the elaborate funeral rites exist mainly to show filial piety, and the youth don’t understand it. Also, the funeral ceremony focuses on formalistic etiquette, disconnecting people from others.
However, the youth prefer customs to be pure and simple, conveying only the core cultural concepts like the afterlife, family and love. They also want to break the expression barriers between the introverted character of Chinese and existing funeral customs through exploring new ways of interacting. Invoking more connections between the bereaved and create good memories together matters to them.
So how might we make the traditional Chinese funeral more acceptable and participatory to young people?
Leafy is a redesign of the Chinese funeral process. It’s a one-day sensorial experience that emphasizes remembering, expressing, and connecting. Based on the core concepts of afterlife and family in traditional Chinese funeral culture, it includes an interactive device that brings the old memories back and builds good memories together by using sound and light design. It also includes an interactive space and system design that help people to express unspoken feelings and reunite with their loved ones.

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