MARS: Help designers achieve “Design to Manufacture”


Disrupting, Empowering, Optimizing

Production / Professional


Duan Zheng, Huang Yuxi, Guo Yang, Liu Yu, Luo Piao, Qi Feng, Wang Hua Gang, Wang Yi Han, Zheng Yi Bo


In China, the custom furniture industry is statistically a massive industry of about 5000 billion 5,000 billion CNY and provides many jobs. Nevertheless, the traditional custom furniture industry faces challenges in environmental protection, efficiency, and cost.
MARS is a next-generation PLM solution based on cloud hosting using browser-based operations. Previously, it was common for companies to use CAD files of models as attachments to orders. Reviewers need to download the extension to view it. Our concept solves the problems of traditional local design software that is enormous and redundant, not convenient for collaboration, and traditional processes, product data management chaos. It also meets the urgent need to better integrate 3D design data with corporate business processes in this era of increased global competition.
MARS has revolutionized the industry by solving three fundamental problems.
1. Inefficient collaboration from design to production.
2. Designers need to accumulate and learn basic knowledge for a relatively long time.
3. File version inconsistency and data loss during multiple revise and transfers.
To some extent, design is a “luxury” consumption for some people in developing countries. The learning curve of design software is a difficult threshold that makes people in less economically developed areas” out of touch.” Our product has lowered the industry access standard, and it would also help developing countries educate more interior designers.
Currently, we only operate in mainland China, and in 2022 we expect to launch a multilingual version under our independent brand “ COOHOM ” for foreign users.

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