Memo Box – product service system for the elderly to record memories

Hunan UniversityChina

Empowering, Engaging, Expressing

Concept / Student


He Ran(赫然)


Alzheimer’s disease (CTAD) is spreading at an alarming rate, seriously endangering the well-being of patients and their families, and patients will gradually lose more and more memories when affected by the disease. And even if they do not suffer from CTAD, as the age increases, most elderly people will experience memory decline.
However, memory is the most important part of one’s self. It’s such a pity when people forget precious people and things, because it means that they forget who they are. And they and their families will feel desperate. Therefore, the project aims to provide elderly with a way to record their memories before they suffer from CTAD or ordinary memory decline.
Many seniors collect memorable items, so the product choose to record memory of items – Memo box is a product service system that records memories based on items, and the memories recorded by Memo Box can be things that happened recently or happened in the past, so those pieces of memory can form stories of different age stages of seniors. In a word, Memo Box provides a simple, intuitive and self-esteem way for the elderly to record their memories, which makes them able to reorganize memories when their memory declines. Besides, it can enhance family communication.

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