Mental pin: Tangible assistant for tackling destructive compulsive acts and bringing one’s body out of the state of anxiety

Estonian Art AcademyEstonia

Disrupting, Empowering

Production / Student


Mariin Petoffer


Mental Pin is a portable device, an assistant for people with anxiety and OCDs and people who want to improve and monitor their mental health. It provides anxious and fidgety people a scientifically proven calming session in triggering moments and builds awareness about one’s inner changes. The data is collected with users’ self-input during the sessions and sent to Mental Pin app where people can make sense of their daily recorded events. Mental Pin is not like other wearables against your body at all times. People can choose the moments when they need to interact with the little friend. Eventually, the entries translate into data patterns that can be shared with a specialist or a loved one. In the long run, the full solution will help people understand their mental health patterns and give them full control over their data.


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