MNEME: An end of life activity that encourages people to explore their time spent together

Estonian Academy of ArtsGreece


Concept / Student


Danai Asteriadi


This project was created during my thesis, through which I wanted to explore ways to help people through the grieving process. Through research, I narrowed the topic down to communication within the family and grief after death from a terminal illness. More specifically, I focused on the communication between the family and the patient at the end of life and explored ways to use the remaining time in a way that could ease the grieving process.
In the case of a terminal illness, there is a brief opportunity to express love, appreciation, regret, and whatever else needs to be expressed to create a sense of closure. But when the time comes that a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, people often don’t know how to process that, how to communicate with their loved one, and often they miss that opportunity and go into the grieving process regretting the things they didn’t say.
My solution, MNEME, is an end of life activity consisting of a set of illustrated cards that help reflect on life and memories through associations, and of a memory book to create a physical representation of the memories. It provides a starting point and structure for talking about memories, while co-creating tangible, visual representations that can be kept as keepsakes after the loved one’s death. It encourages people to explore their time spent together in a way that could bring a sense of peace and closure to the grieving process.

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