Moving Buttons

Special ProjectsGreat Britain


Concept / Professional


Adrian Westaway, Alexa Münch, Clara Gaggero Westaway, Joana Mendes, Laura Hollis-Ryan, Matteo Bandi


Many digital kiosks require customers to press on the same area of the screen as someone else, spreading the risk of infection with Covid-19 and other viruses. Moving Buttons is an interface that responsively adapts to every user by shifting the buttons to a clean, untouched area of the screen, moving the buttons around intelligently to ensure you always touch a clean surface when using a public touchscreen. Using only a software update it allows up to 50 people to use a touchscreen without touching the same spot as someone else, making interactions for both customers and staff cleaner and safer. The concept makes the most of resources already in use and removes the need to use more materials to physically produce new devices.


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