Mushroom Color Atlas

United States of America

Engaging, Expressing

Concept / Indie/Non-Profit


Brad Johnson, Danny Rosenberg, Julie Beeler, Yuli Gates


Explore the chromatic universe of fungi through the spectrum of colors naturally produced by mushrooms. In this dynamic ATLAS, colors can be filtered by mushroom type, dyes or pigments, or by the fabrics and mordants used. All mushrooms in the atlas are searchable in the INDEX. Learn more about the PROCESS to discover the methods, techniques and variables used to render the colors.
The Mushroom Color Atlas is a living study of color derived from mushrooms. The wide-ranging forages will extend and evolve this atlas over time. Color studies will be conducted and results added to the atlas. Mycopeeps from many locations will continue to join us on this journey and contribute their knowledge. The resulting colors are informed by a myriad of factors that influence, inform and change their chromatic outcome, but the processes and steps involved in each color study will remain consistent.

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