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Piet Grymonprez + many students and teachers worldwide joining the campaign


MyMachine is a unique, multi-award-winning methodology, running in one school year and consisting of three steps:
  1. Children in primary class invent their “Dream Machine”. Anything goes, as long as they really, really want it.
  2. Together with university students, they design the Idea into a Concept.
  3. Together with technical secondary/vocational students, they build a Working Prototype. And this happens with many schools at the same time.
We are a non-profit operating worldwide via MyMachine Chapters in different countries.
MyMachine DreamsDrop is a brand-new complimentary program, turning our inter-generational co-design methodology into a cross-border collaboration: it’s an online world map that invites anyone (adults and children alike) to upload their dream machine idea.
In addition, we run an annual open call to primary school teachers to join their class, combined with a call to university professors to participate with their students:
  1. children in primary classes around the world make a drawing of their Dream Machine and upload it to our world-map. All participating children receive a personalised MyMachine Diploma;
  2. we connect a selection of these ideas (ensuring they come from different countries on several continents) to University students in other countries who design a Proof-of-Concept;
  3. children learn about their design process and the final result from these university students.
We have so far launched two campaigns. We have seen students and educators join from 25 countries on all continents. These resulted in proofs-of-concept like a.o. the Clean-The-Umbrella-Of-My-Granddad-Machine, the Machine-To-Talk-To-My-Deceased-Family-Members, The Candy-In-Flower-Jar, and The Robot-Emocion (Conversation Starter on Emotions).

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