Pfizer Management of Analytics and Reporting Solutions (MARS) Application

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Kailin MacIntyre


The Pfizer Management of Analytics and Reporting Solutions (MARS) application is the first comprehensive view of Pfizer’s clinical trial supply chains, providing our Global Clinical Supply (GCS) team end-to-end visibility for better, faster decisions to support Pfizer’s Clinical Trials.

The GCS team manages the end-to-end digital and physical clinical supply chain to ensure that investigational drug products are manufactured, shipped, delivered, and properly administered to patients enrolled in Pfizer’s clinical trials, including COVID clinical trials.

Pfizer’s Digital Manufacturing Design Standards team created the dashboard to be used by a variety of roles (see provided persona document) to track key activities in the flow of materials for clinical trials. The application design includes a range of data tracking and visualization features that will enable:

· Efficient delivery of drug products to clinical site

· Accurate forecasting of clinical trial milestones

· Ensuring that clinical trial sites have the necessary supply of drug products and are running the trials properly

The application brings our purpose — breakthroughs that change patients’ lives — to life, enabling GCS to more efficiently and effectively manage clinical trials and ultimately get medicines to patients faster.


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