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Philips Pediatric Coaching is a holistic coaching solution to prepare and guide children (age 4 to 8) for an MRI scan. It consists of a gamified mobile app to prepare children at home; an educational toy scanner to prepare kids in the waiting room; and guidance in the bore of the MRI scanner. All solution elements feature the same buddy characters (Ollie & friends) & design elements, as well as the same voice, so kids are consistently guided from home to scanner. The app has been co-created with clinical experts and psychologists, and features educational videos, interactive games, information for parents and an Augmented Reality-experience.

Project Description

For young children, undergoing an MRI-scan can be a stressful experience. By playfully preparing children and guiding them with child-friendly characters and language, children and their parents/caregivers can know what to expect and feel empowered. Ollie was designed as a friendly, comforting character that appeals to young children (age 4-8). The solution uses child-friendly forms, colors, and comforting language. It was created through an iterative design process with input from clinicians & pediatric MRI patients.

The UI of the app and educational scanner are simple and intuitive, allowing even young children, who cannot yet read, to use it. In the app, children encounter new content every time they play it, to enable maximum familiarization with the MRI sounds and procedures. The app helps kids & their parents/caregivers to feel well-prepared for the scan. The solution can help hospitals move away from scanning kids with anesthesia, thereby minimizing safety risks and healthcare costs. Reducing MRI idle time may reduce energy consumption. Existing solutions cover only part of the imaging journey.

Philips Pediatric Coaching is a holistic solution that provides the same buddy, voice & designs at home, in the waiting room and in the scanner, creating a seamless guidance solution that fits with Philips’ quadruple aim.


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