Project Lima: Inclusive Design in Southeast Asia

Sixty TwoIndonesia


Production / Indie/Non-Profit


Adelia Pratiwi, Annabelle Gabriella (Gabby), Jayde Chang, Muhammad Ihsan, Thasya Ingriany, Victoria Simansjah, Vilia Ingriany


Project Lima is exploring the state and application of Inclusive Design from a Southeast Asian lens.
Stemming from the desire to address the gap in available resource unique to the local values of the region, the project offers a set of interactive resources available to the mass public; including a web report, interactive simulation experience, educational video series, and community events and outreach.
As the region shows limited accessibility in its basic level such as access to physical infrastructure itself, this translates to how the community addresses accessibility in a digital world. Furthermore, there are also social and cultural values that can be brought to the table to reflect back on what inclusivity in Southeast Asia truly means, such as Its rich language diversity, uneven tech infrastructure distribution, collectivism approach, and prominent religious beliefs.
This project highlights these values and provides a high level guidance for the digital practitioners to take small steps that can make them rethink when designing features in their digital product, to drive movements towards a more inclusive culture and society.

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