Quilt, crowd-based disaster relief system.

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Quilt is an emergency ad-hoc communication network designed to assist initial disaster relief efforts and address social isolation in urban areas during the first 72 hours of a disaster. The Quilt system is a mesh network built on smartphones via the Quilt App and the Quilt Beacon, a physical token distributed city-wide to homes of those living alone, elderly, low-mobility, or with limited access to a smart phone.
Pandemics, fires, earthquakes, floods — the world has seen a rising number of disasters impacting all of us. Quilt offer our urban society a sense of agency to cope with such complex hardships. Quilt allows positive social dynamics, connecting people willing and able with the less able to provide tangible relief while first-responders deal with the most critical aftermath of a disaster. Quilt’s focus is on connecting the vast majority who will generally be fine, with the vulnerable part of the population who live alone, are disconnected, and often forgotten.
Quilt shifts a paradigm – rather than total reliance on government resources in the aftermath of a disaster, Quilt will crowd-source the good will of the community to assist itself, and in doing so, will allow government to focus attention on the most critical needs, until resources are available for all.

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