Reverse – A hassle-free and package-free groceries delivery service

Loughborough UniversityGreat Britain

Disrupting, Optimizing

Concept / Student


Samantha Tung


Single-use plastic packaging contributes to 42% of plastic production, and over 80% of them are not recycled. Package free shops are an effective way to reduce single-use plastic packaging. However, they are not user-friendly and cost-effective for businesses to run, thus it is slow to adopt.
Busy parents and young professionals have no extra time to spare to clean containers, drive miles away to package-free shops, all while paying a premium price for their products. For the business, the current operating model is expensive. It requires manual sorting and extra storage for containers. It also only covers a limited range of food excluding perishable goods.
Reverse is a plastic-free grocery delivery service for time-starved parents and young professionals who want to reduce their plastic usage but have limited time to engage with existing options. Instead of making multiple trips to the farmers market, butchers, and package free-shops, customers can now get all products on our platform.
Customers can pick up their order from their doorsteps and all products are packed in containers specially designed to keep perishable food fresh for longer. They can return the containers in their next order. Behind the scenes, the smart sensors allow automated handling. It helps businesses cut costs on storage and labour, making the service affordable to more.
Reverse empowers busy users to consume more sustainably by giving them access to services that reflects their values, encouraging them to dollar vote, pushing the companies and government for systematic change.

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