ThanAverage – A Website About Comparing Yourself to Others


Engaging, Expressing

Production / Indie/Non-Profit


Fred Wordie, Jae Perris


ThanAverage is a mini website that asks you to do one thing, compare yourself to other people. More precisely, to compare yourself to what you assume to be the average of your peers and neighbours. As you stare at a screen populated with 100 little people, all staring back at you, you are asked: “Do you have more friends than average?” and are given two options ‘yes more’ or ‘no less’. No comforting middle ground to escape the need for self reflection. After you choose, the 100 little people spring to life and run from side to side to graphically represent other people’s answers. Your self refections, assumptions and judgments are rewarded as you are told that ‘78% of participants also think they have fewer friends than average.’ Perhaps you feel less alone now that you see we are all in this together, or are encouraged to speak to that solitary person at the coffee shop or just that your perceptions are little changed. You click next question.
As the quiz continues you are asked to confront similar questions, some playful, some serious: “Do you change your bed sheets more than average?”, “Do you lie more than average?”, “Do you walk faster than average?” or “Are you more racist than average?”. After each you are shown, both graphically and in written form, how others answered the questions, each rounding the corners of your judgments of others and yourself.

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