UFO – Unidentified Fun Objects

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction DesignCosta Rica

Engaging, Expressing, Optimizing

Concept / Student


Aakash Dewan


UFO – Unidentified Fun Objects is a series of play experiments for adults within their homes. These experiments are designed to personify play or what play could look like if it was your buddy.
Play is integral for children’s development and helps develop life skills like emotional, physical, cognitive, social and creative skills. As we grow older we lose the tendency to develop those skills or just play and take time off to do nothing.
The pandemic locked us all indoors that created a work-life blur, with extending working hours and not taking time to move around or just play for ourselves. Play has been proven to relax and stimulate our body and mind, helping us be more conscious of our surroundings and what our needs are, play for adults today is not really taken seriously or is sometimes frowned upon making people feel conscious of themselves for being “childish”.
UFO consists of three connected objects i.e. Tumble, Wobble and Blobble – they are created with different energy levels and personalities that learn from you and engage with you throughout your day.
Tumble being the most annoying and high energy object, Wobble that is inspired by a cat and how you better be ready for when it wants to play with you, and Blobble that is a zen object that plays calming and relaxing games for you to call it a day.

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