Zoob: A slice of animal life in the human wild

University College LondonGreat Britain

Disrupting, Engaging

Concept / Student


Adel Kalman, Aleksander Lagowski, Cristina Morisson, Emma Holliday, Rudy Cook


The most popular zoos are those with a wide variety of animals, particularly large animals, but the ethics of keeping these animals captive, outside of their native environments, has been a point of concern for many years. However, zoos can provide invaluable educational experiences about biodiversity, as well as substantially aid conservation efforts. We conducted an online survey to inform ideation and prototyping, then tested the designs through paper and Minecraft prototypes, iterating on feedback to reach a high-fidelity digital prototype. Based on our research and design workshops, we propose Zoob, a new kind of virtual zoo, utilising a cube-shaped holographic display and cross-device interactions, designed to embody the educational and social benefits of zoos while also improving accessibility and animal welfare.


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