Farewell Smartphone – Extend the service life of smartphones

HSLU Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, SwitzerlandSwitzerland
2023 People’s Choice Award
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Disrupting, Optimizing

Concept / Student


Tim Heeb, creator


Before upgrading your next smartphone, try to keep it for another year. This choice will save you money and help save the planet. Building a smartphone, specifically mining rare materials, represents approx. 80 % of the device’s total CO2 emissions.

“Farewell Smartphone” intervenes in all phases of the smartphone life cycle:

The first intervention in marketing & distribution helps you in the purchasing decision with an ecolabel. This label provides information about the carbon emission of the production and device durability considering repair, spare parts and battery life.

The second intervention in service life has the purpose to use your smartphone for longer by by creating a more meaningful bond. The engagement OS gives the user information about the use and makes regular sanity checks.

The third intervention is looking at the hibernation & reuse phase, where 60% of the unused smartphones end up in drawers. A new system allows the user to simply pass on the old device for further use, when swapping the smartphone. There the user benefits financially.

Farewell – a good and long life for smartphones.


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