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Assistant Wearables Team Eunjoo Kim, Design Lead Karen Kaushansky, Conversation Design Lead Hanna Yoon, Interaction Designer Anat Litan Sever, Interaction Designer James Key, Visual Designer Kinda Akash, Motion Designer Kelly Chen, User Researcher Tyler Everett, UX Program Manager Plus extensive contributors from the extended Google Assistant UX Team, especially: Ryan Pham Lauren Beltrone Hannah McBride Kate Berman Kimberly Harvey Tri Ngyuen Jacqueline Cisneros Margaret Padilla


The Google Pixel Watch was launched in October 2022, rounding out the Google device ecosystem that includes the Pixel Phone and Pixel Buds; a truly personal device that is always on you.

While Google Assistant has been around for 6 years, creating an integrated and useful experience for a smartwatch has meant re-evaluating and tailoring every part of the experience for the wrist and when on-the-move. It lets users stay connected, being able to reply to messages on the go, complete quick actions like adding milk to a shopping list, or creating reminders to pick up the package at the post office. Having Google Assistant on the Pixel Watch lets users access information that is best completed by voice, when they are away from their phone, or it’s hard to type, or their hands are full to be able to turn off the bedroom lights, or check their calendar, for example.

Project Description

Google Assistant on the Pixel Watch lets users be more efficient and complete tasks that would otherwise be impossible or difficult without their phone; Computerworld (link below) describes it as having Superpowers on your wrist. It also helps users stay connected to the things that matter when away from their phone.

The team pushed the boundaries on innovation to find creative solutions to ensure a branded, delightful, useful experience on a round watch surface that feels native to the device.

Our design process included work to ensure synergy with overall Google Assistant branding (bringing the interactive Glow to the watch), harmonizing hardware and software (designing for the round surface), ensuring Assistant worked to affect features on the watch (“Turn on the flashlight”), and continued to fulfill users’ requests to remotely control other devices such as home automation lights and thermostats and music from Nest Hub speakers. Responses were tailored for on-the-go scenarios; they needed to be glanceable, and balance the right mix of audio, visuals and haptics to ensure the most efficient answers.

If using Google Assistant on the Pixel Watch feels just like using Assistant on another type of device, then we have succeeded. But know that every interaction and pixel has been designed with our user in mind, to help fulfill tasks or answer questions tailored for the small surface, for our user who is looking to get things done, quickly and easily, with their voice, when on the go.


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