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Andy Gatford, Design Manager Brian Tafel, Creative Director Kylee Barnard, Visual Design Lead Fabienne Schoeman, UX Design Lead Steve Haskey, UX Design Lead Vikki Paterson, UX Design Lead Hunter Hobbs, UX Design Tyler Watson, Motion


The list. The bottomless one you make every day full of frustrating, repetitive tasks. What if you could clear it and get work done faster? It’s possible, with IBM Watson Orchestrate™, a 2022 CES Innovation Award Honoree, featuring groundbreaking technology designed to free you to up to pursue more “want-to-dos.”

Project Description

Digital Employees are about to revolutionize the way work gets done in businesses. Human workers will be liberated to focus on knowledge work while the task work is automated. With skills, context, and identity that are finely tuned for an individual human, a team, or a particular domain specialism, each Digital Employee undertakes the necessary ‘cat herding’, ‘keeping the ear to the ground’ and generally filling the gap between humans, data and technology. IBM Watson Orchestrate provides you with your own Digital Worker named Digey with the purpose of doing the repetitive tasks faster than you can do them yourself.

To create a living identity for Digey, we pulled from IBM’s 2x grid, mini-unit, the concept of Human and Machine, and other IBM Design Language principles. The chat bar animations are brought to life with squares (machines) moving in a circular (human) motion to communicate listening and thinking. The marketing campaign and illustrations tie together the concept of multiplicity, orchestration, and AI.

Digey will continue to become more capable and help us with even more of our daily repetitive tasks during 2023, enabling us all to focus on more engaging, high-value work and will continue to evolve its interaction models and overall visual experience.


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