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CIDR Lab., Department of Industrial Design, KAIST, Daejon, South Korea Inition Inc., Seoul, South Korea


KARE MCM (Korea Aid for Respiratory Epidemic: Mobile Clinic Module) is a mobile expandable negative pressure ward equipped with advanced medical facilities. With its rapid installation, it can supply functional and economical medical facility. It also provides ease of use and emotional satisfaction to medical staff and patients.

KARE MCM project aims to develop a mobile & modular ward in Korea, which started from the problem of a shortage of hospital & negative pressure room caused by COVID-19. KARE MCM consists of an air-tents can be easily installed by injecting air & frames connecting tents. If there is empty space near hospital, KARE MCM can make the ward as wide as needed, and in any shape.

Project Description

Against the background of the worldwide increase in COVID-19 restrictions, many countries has been struggling with a lack of wards capable of treating infectious diseases. In addition to COVID-19, it was created to prevent an epidemic from spreading around the world someday. KAIST researchers and Inition designers and various Korean medical institution joined together to develop a system to solve this problem.

Our goal was to create an economical negative pressure ward that could be set up quickly, utilizing air tents and a modular approach, making up for the ward’s deficiencies by making it easy to set up different wards at a low cost. Since the complicate structure and mechanism UX/UI was very important to give usable and comfortable experience.

First, several time co-creation workshops were conducted with actual users, researchers, designers and engineers to design the KARE MCM system and UI. Based on the direction of the workshop result, ‘visibility of context’ was set as the core design goal. In a ward with many severely ill patients, it is important for medical staff to grasp the patient’s condition and surroundings in real time, and the software was intended to display intuitively. To achieve this object, we designed KARE MCM UX/UI with a visually strong contrast and color index that can recognize emergency situations. By manufacturing and installing actual prototype, we found that this can help people who are suffering the situation. Visibility, remote controllability, usability and many things were evaluated and final product was developed. The system has been installed and utilized in several locations to provide a better environment for patients and medical staff.


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