Orbit – An Easier, Cheaper, & Greener Way of Parenting

Carnegie Mellon UniversityUnited States
2023 People’s Choice Award
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Laura Pedrosa; Lokesh Fulfagar; Youngryun Cho; Wei-Chieh Wang


60% of the emissions in our earth are from human’s constant buying and owning, especially for having a baby, while very meaningful, is also challenging, expensive, and one of the most wasteful phases of life. A baby in the US contributes 58.6MT of CO2 per year which is more than 3.5 times an average US adult. So we need to share—shifting from consumerism to sharing economy, from ownership to rentals. But this shift is hard since ownership is the status quo and sustainability is an afterthought. We need a point of intervention that allows behavior change and makes sustainability easier and viable. Hence, we focus on new parents as the research suggests life transition phases are the most impactful periods for behavior change.

Orbit, it is an app-based service that promotes sustainability amongst new parents by making it an easier and viable option through rental and sharing economy. Hand-picked reusable and sustainable products are delivered monthly, personalized to baby’s needs as per their age and style. When the child outgrows them, Orbit picks them up and passes to the next family along with a pre-loved story after certified cleaning and safety checks. Life transition phases like becoming new parents are challenging and at the same time, researched to be the most impactful for behavior change. Orbit leverages this intervention point by easing parents’ lives with the right products for the right time at a fraction of price while instilling an eco-friendly mindset.


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