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Concept / Student


Yuxuan Hou


By 2022, there are 50 million social media influencers worldwide. Sharing content on social media platforms is an integral part of their life, but unfortunately, they underestimate the risks of their private information being leaked, like home address or bank information, when posting pictures or videos on social media.

When their privacy is leaked, Influencers get NO help from influencer agencies and social media platforms they work with. It’s also worth noting that there are NO significant laws, online security companies, or identity theft protection services that can help people when their digital content is at risk for now.

PrivateHood is a powerful AI platform that enables users to track their digital content and fight against malicious actors. Utilizing facial recognition, reverse image search technology, and machine learning, it offers the highest level of protection for a user’s personal information 24/7.

While it may seem complex and advanced, PrivateHood is designed to be user-friendly. Users only need to review risk reports and determine how to handle sensitive content. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of sensitive information within users’ accounts and any similar content posted by others or on other social media platforms. It provides a suite of tools and services to help manage users’ digital assets and provide legal support.

It is every individual’s right to share moments casually without fear of their data being stolen, exploited, or sold. PrivateHood empowers individuals, particularly influencers, to take control of their digital assets on social media and safeguard their personal information.

Project Description


The protection of influencers’ online privacy and safety on social media is a pressing issue that requires attention. During the user research, I found that almost every influencer receives a large amount of harassing messages on social media. They have all experienced being discussed, exploited, and cyberbullied on various unfamiliar platforms. The worst part is that they fear that these harassers and haters know their private information and may use it to harm them.

Followers and businesses focus on the content, flow, marketing, and interests that influencers made, but how much professional help they can get if their privacy is leaked and personal safety is threatened? The answer is 0.


How might we protect users’ online privacy and empower them to fight for their digital asset rights?

Design Process

Through design sprints with three female influencers, it was discovered that they are concerned about the sharing of sensitive information in their posts. They acknowledged that it is not always possible for them to thoroughly check every post, and they are uncertain about which platforms their content may be reposted on, particularly those located in foreign countries.

The project aims to deliver a user-friendly and reliable solution, PrivateHood, to empower influencers to safeguard their sensitive information online. The solution is designed based on key insights gleaned from user research and design sprints, with a focus on facilitating source content inspection and interruption of posts spreading. These two objectives have been expanded into four full protecting functions to ensure comprehensive online safety.

How PrivateHood works

For users, they only need to FACE IT and FIGHT IT.

FACE IT – Set personal privacy preferences and read risk reports.

FIGHT IT – Track risk points and choose how to handle the sensitive content(edit, delete, report, get legal help, etc).


Being an influencer has become a popular aspiration for many young generations, however, the social media environment has become increasingly challenging for them to navigate. Issues such as content imitation, deep fakes, unauthorized recreation of content, personal injury, and cyberbullying are prevalent.

Therefore, creating a safer and healthier online environment for the current and future generations of influencers is crucial. PrivateHood is designed to empower all current and future influencers to protect their online safety and rights.


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