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Seoul Heroes App had been designed and developed to be used at the home ground of Seoul heroes Baseball Club in Korea. Main purpose of the application is to provide the better watching and enjoying experience at the indoor Gocheok Stadium for newcomer and beginner of the baseball game in a convenient way.

Based on our dedicated research on the audience of baseball game especially the Gocheok stadium we found there are many painpoints throughout the journey of watching. For the people who are not familiar with the Seoul Heroes, we provide the AR empowered real time player information. Checking the congestion of the facility through the application can enhance the inconvenience of waiting in the line. The detail play information can enhance understanding of the game and increase immersion on the game. We also tried to make the app can do the role of communication place of fan of the baseball club members.

Project Description

The Seoul Heroes Smart Stadium project aims to provide visitors with a convenient experience and various services by turning Gocheok Sky Dome, the home stadium of the Kiwoom Heroes baseball team, into a smart stadium.

For a smart and convenient game viewing experience for fans, we did desk research, internet survey and in-depth-interview with fans to find out critical insight of the experience of visiting the stadium is divided into game exploration, intuition preparation, game intuition, and post-viewing. As a result, existing spectators had the inconvenience of having to search for various information such as the stadium’s weather and the view of the desired seat and had to wait for a long waiting time or difficult to find convenient facilities while watching the game. Also, there was a need to communicate with the fans during the game.

To improve this, we made it possible to quickly check the game information and schedule on the home screen and provided a 360-degree preview of the seat. When using the stadium, a route guidance service using beacons was provided, and the congestion status was checked in real time with CCTV head counting technology. During the game, real-time relay data was provided to enhance the enjoyment of the match, and a fan community was provided to communicate with fans. For the UI design, we used a dark theme that allows text information to be easily recognized and reduces eye strain, and magenta, the baseball team’s identity color, was used to make fans feel a sense of belonging. Due to the nature of a baseball game that needs to show a variety of data, it is designed to make it easy to understand information briefly by utilizing big typography and card elements. Lastly, we adopted an Augmented Reality technology to solve spectators’ difficulties of recognizing players on the ground. We developed machine-learning algorithm and came up very interesting watching experience.

Based on the effort after launching this application in Korea application market store we got the highest review on the application.


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