Teng Hok Gong AR

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2023 People’s Choice Award
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Christen Chong Ying Qi


Tek Hok Gong AR is an interactive language app that aims to allow everyone to learn and preserve the dialect of Malaysian Cantonese. Malaysian Cantonese is the second-largest Chinese dialect spoken among Chinese in Malaysia. Still, as time passed, it slowly lost its value when English-speaking and Mandarin-speaking worlds became the most economical language. Subsequently, the use of the Malaysian Cantonese dialect is discouraged in schools, resulting in many children in Chinese schools never learning how to speak their mother tongue. The parents foresight their children as part of the future world and have not exposed the language to their kids since they were young (Prof. Kamilia). Most Chinese in the community consider that speaking in their dialect reflects a lower social rank, which has decreased dialect usage (Prof. Goh, 2017). To preserve the Chinese language culture like any other culture, the Teng Hok Gong AR app functions as an interactive language app with augmented reality (AR) technology to mimic the scenes of real-life daily conversation situations. The idea is to empower people to learn and use the Malaysian Cantonese language anytime, anywhere, and conveniently.


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