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Dean Broadley

Dean is a Design Executive from Cape Town, South Africa. He’s spent his career working hard to connect experiences in the physical, digital, and career spaces and finds great value in leaving things more human than he found them.

Currently the Founder of Designing Humans, an organization dedicated to professionalizing & strengthening design in Africa, he spends his time mentoring individuals, assisting enterprise design executives demonstrating the value of design, managing design practice at scale, raising design literacy, and developing sustainable talent pipelines.

Previously, Dean has worked in startups and tech businesses as a Product Designer, been an executive design director for a multi-national bank, and a digital communications specialist.

Outside of work, Dean spends his time with Design communities in South Africa creating the platform for designers to share, learn and improve through the practice of being human.

He is also an avid Chilli breeder 🌶.

Twitter | LinkedIn | deanbroadley.com

Johannesburg, South Africa

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