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2023 People’s Choice Award
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Little Signals, a series of interaction experiments, explores new behaviors for technology in our daily lives. The objects in the series signal for attention with different sensorial cues like a waft of air, a soft shadow, or an ambient sound. Additionally, their simple movements and controls bring them to life and make them responsive to changing surroundings and needs.

Just as everyday items find simple ways to inform us – like the moving hands of a clock or the whistle of a kettle – this series shows how to stay up-to-date with digital information while maintaining moments of calm.

Project Description

In their paper on Calm Technology, Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown noted “The important waves of technological change are those that fundamentally alter the place of technology in our lives. What matters is not technology itself, but its relationship to us.” Little Signals reexamines our relationships with technology and paves a path for ambient computing.

The objects are designed to be simple and functional, yet charming.


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